Osterloh Engineering

About Us

We put it on the line for our clients, integrating emerging and tangential technologies into your products and processes.   

Product and process development usually involves iterative hardware and software testing, modification, verification, and finally optimization. Whenever possible,  prototype iterations are only days apart.  Our team can scrutinize today's work, design something better, build it, test it and do it all over again until the objectives are met.  Everyone on the team contributes perspective that routinely leads to inspiration.  Having worked many very challenging projects for various clients, our team is known to work day and night, often recording the inspiration over a long meal. 

If you have a challenging project with far reaching potential that needs a dedicated team of engineers, designers, technicians and craftsmen give us a call.

Jim Osterloh's resume, US Patents he and his team earned , and recommendations can be found on Jim's Linkedin page: